PK/DB (a freely available database for pharmacokinetic properties) was designed with the aim of creating robust databases for pharmacokinetic studies and in silico ADME (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Excretion) prediction. The database contains high quality data for structurally diverse compounds associated with known ADME properties, including human oral bioavailability, human intestinal absorption, plasma protein binding, blood-brain barrier, among others.

Comprehensive, web based and easy to access database, PK/DB manages 1389 compounds incorporating structurally diverse drug-like and lead-like molecules which represent 4141 pharmacokinetic measurements, including five validated models for in silico ADME prediction. The PK/DB suite is designed to be utilized by all researchers in the drug discovery field, and will be continuously updated and upgraded as new information becomes available.

PK/DB was created under the direction of Prof. Dr. Adriano D. Andricopulo by Dr. Tiago L. Moda and collaborators at the Laboratory of Computational and Medicinal Chemistry. For more click here.

PK/DB Content
Pharmacokinetic Property Compounds
Human Intestinal Absorption (%HIA) 687
Human Oral Bioavailability (%F) 660
Plasma Protein Binding (%PPB) 726
Blood Brain Barrier (logBB) 200
Volume of Distribution (Vd (L/kg)) 738
Renal Clearance (%Cl) 360
Half Life (T1/2(h)) 770
Known CYP for Metabolism 295

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To cite PK/DB, please reference: Moda, T. L.; Torres, L. G.; Carrara, A. E.; Andricopulo, A. D. Bioinformatics 2008, 24, 2270